Meet Gilbert Perez — Flight Director

Lab Director

Gilbert Perez, our talented lab director, started working in the dental arts in 2007 as an entry level gold polisher. After a year and a half of finishing gold crowns, he was promoted to the implants department, where he gained experience in CAD/CAM implant abutment manufacturing. In 2010, Perez moved to Las Vegas to help with the manufacturing of zirconia, Emax, and titanium abutments.

After three years as a production technician, Perez moved on to CAD support, gaining experience with All-on-4® implant restorations and helping labs and doctors transition from traditional to CAD/CAM model-less restorations. He loves how quickly the industry is moving and is passionate about advancing his skill set. Gilbert is easy to communicate with and is an excellent digital artist. His passion for digital dentistry is contagious, and he is always happy to help.

Casey Miranda — Ground Control Specialist

Lab Technician

Casey Miranda is one of our lab technicians at Lab Station 32. She is originally from Reno, NV. She started in the industry in 2005 and has experience in waxing, model work, and finishing metals. Casey really likes working with new technology, especially CAD/CAM. She is excited to grow in the industry at Lab Station 32. She is married with three children, and in her spare time, she enjoys arts and crafts.

Inessa Meyta — Ground Control Specialist

Lab Technician

As a young girl growing up in the Ukraine, Inessa always wanted to be a dentist. She was fascinated by teeth and had a talent for art. As it turned out, her path took her to medical school to become a physician. After practicing medicine in the Ukraine for two years, she and her husband moved to Spokane in 2014. She first worked as a sterilization tech, and then as a dental assistant. She had a particular knack for operating the new digital intraoral scanner, which led to her interest in digital dentistry. She has become highly skilled at digital scanning, designing, nesting, milling, and finishing zirconia restorations. Her attention to detail and artistic ability allow her to create beautiful restorations.

Levi Jordan — Ground Control Specialist

Lab Technician

Levi is our lab technician overseeing operations in our Spokane outpost. He has over 10 years of lab experience. He became interested in digital dentistry and was self-taught on earlier digital systems in-lab. He has completed advanced training in production efficiencies and quality control, and he has a highly organized mindset. He truly enjoys digital dentistry and the positive changes that have occurred for dental labs, dentists, and patients. His experience in ceramics, combined with his artistic ability, allow lab Station 32 to deliver stellar restorations consistently.